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Providing insight and advice to maximise the value of your farming business

What we do

We provide advice tailored to your business’s situation

Whichever phase you are in, we can help you with a broad range of input delivered by able, approachable and experienced people.

In a unique way, Hub Rural understand the importance and cross over between strategic and operational advice.

Expanding your business and maximising new commercial opportunities

Growth. Should you increase your commercial activity?  Where are the opportunities to expand your current operations?

Related services

  • Land acquisition
  • Farming land you do not own
  • Establishing food industry integration
  • Exploring joint venture feasibility and set up
  • Creating collaborative farming groups and effective supply chains
  • Forming collective marketing groups
  • Facilitating diversification feasibility and capital grant applications
  • Considering the relevance and options for farm based renewable energy
  • Accessing and managing environmental payments, such as carbon or landscape enhancement

Managing your business on a day to day basis and sustaining growth.

Just looking after what you already have can be a challenge in the current climate.  With the ever increasing complexity of what were once simple tasks, we have the knowledge, experience and systems that will enable you to sustain growth from the activities at the heart of your business.

Related services

  • Documenting and administering Cropping Licences and Farm Business Tenancies
  • Setting up, negotiating and running Contract Farming Agreements and Share Farming Agreements
  • Preparation of annual budgets, cashflows & periodic reporting of performance
  • Instigating strategic business reviews
  • Conducting Farm Business Tenancy and Ag Holdings Act rent reviews for landlords and tenants
  • Resolving landlord and tenant issues
  • Making government support payment applications and RPA relationship management
  • Maintenance of the Land Parcel Information system data
  • GPS mapping
  • Managing Countryside Stewardship & ELM/SFI Scheme applications
  • Resolving water and irrigation issues
  • Dealing with compensation claims and compulsory purchase
  • Recruitment

Implementing change within your business, including existing the industry

How will you ultimately realise the value of your land or business assets? Do you need to get the next generation involved?

It’s not just about selling up. There are many ways that you can realise value. What is crucial is that we understand what is important to you and then produce a plan that delivers the best results for your particular circumstances.

Related services

  • Selling land and other rural property
  • Offering and managing Contract Farming Opportunities
  • Renting out land and other rural property
  • Exploring alternative use of existing assets
  • Development land opportunities
  • Dissolving partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures
  • Restructuring family and corporate entities
  • Farm and business succession

Our specialisms

Alongside our day to day consultancy activities, we are also increasingly recognised for a number of specialist areas which are driven by the needs of typical clients

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