Sustaining. Managing your business on a day to day basis and sustaining growth


Sustaining. Just looking after what you already have can be a challenge in the current climate. With the ever increasing complexity of what were once simple tasks, we have the knowledge, experience and systems that will enable you to
sustain growth from the activities at the heart of your business.

Key areas where we can help:

  • Conducting Farm Business Tenancy and Ag Holdings Act rent reviews for landlords and tenants
  • Resolving landlord and tenant issues
  • Performing capital and stock valuations
  • Making single farm payment applications and RPA relationship management
  • Managing the Rural Land Register
  • Managing entry level and higher level scheme applications
  • Resolving water and irrigation issues
  • Dealing with compensation claims and compulsory purchase
  • Forming annual land occupation agreements Ė in/out
  • Managing projects

Other specialist areas include:

  • Conducting strategic business reviews
  • Review and benchmarking business performance
  • Providing objective and fresh non-exec input
  • Asking the difficult questions [devilís advocate]!

Success Story

Following the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) unilaterally deciding that our client was not compliant with Producer Organisation rules, Hub Rural went into battle on their behalf. Over £500,000 of grant was being withheld together with the suspension of future payments. In answer, we devised a route for the business to follow, implementing operational, commercial and structural changes. This resulted in the businessí status with the RPA being reinstated, and the release of original grant owed and all future payments.