Realising. Creating change within your business, including exiting the industry


Realising. How will you ultimately realise the value of your land or business assets? Do you have an effective exit strategy? Hub Rural will explore every option to secure the most lucrative and beneficial route for you.

Itís not just about selling up. There are many ways that you can realise value. What is crucial is that we understand what is important to you and then produce a plan that delivers the best results for your particular circumstances.

Key areas where we can help:

  • Selling land and other rural property
  • Offering and managing Contract Farming Opportunities
  • Renting out land and other rural property
  • Exploring alternative use of existing assets
  • Development land opportunities
  • Dissolving partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures
  • Restructuring family and corporate entities

Success Story

In autumn 2012, Hub Rural was contacted by a landowner contemplating the sale of his land assets. We agreed an approach to achieve the best result. Without a full blown traditional marketing campaign, the land was offered, best and final offers received and the sale contracted in excess of the guide price. The price achieved was at an unprecedented level for the locality, and was all finalised within a 10 week period.