Growing. Expanding your business and maximising new commercial opportunities


Growing. How can you increase your commercial activity? Where are the opportunities to expand your current operations? Hub Rural leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of the fresh commercial ventures that will provide growth for your business.

Key areas where we can help:

  • Land acquisition
  • Farming other people’s land by rental or contract farming

Other specialist areas include:

  • Establishing food industry integration
  • Exploring joint venture feasibility and set up
  • Creating collaborative farming groups and effective supply chains
  • Founding and managing Producer Organisations
  • Forming collective marketing groups
  • Facilitating diversification feasibility and capital grant applications
  • Considering the relevance and options for farm-based renewable energy

Success Story

In the spring of 2012, Hub Rural was approached by a farming business that had a mixture of farming and other diversified activities. We were asked to look at improving the financial performance of the farming operation whilst making the management of the process much simpler. We suggested contract farming, sought tenders from a number of parties and appointed a contractor ready for the 2012 autumn drilling. Day to day management has shifted to the contractor, leaving the owners to drive their diversified activities forward. The forecasts for the year are showing a healthy upturn.