POs, collaborations and JVs

In the fresh produce sector, a 4.1% p.a. grant on turnover is a persuasive motivator to look at this type arrangement. This is especially the case if your competition already gets the cash, a large proportion of whom do. Hub Rural has helped establish, manage and merge a number of Producer Organisations in the fresh produce sector. We also facilitate, form and monitor JVs and collaborations.


Success Story

We recently assisted two producer
organisations to merge, thereby forming
one bigger and more influential group.
This involved Fruit Growers Alliance Ltd
and Fruitlink (Wisbech) Ltd. The collective
members annually produce 10,000 tonnes
of premium apples and pears with a value
of circa £10m. Customers of the group
include multiple retailers, processors and
the wholesale sector. Hub Ruralís Hugh
Baker was instrumental in the merger with
legal and financial input. On creation of the
new business, Hugh was appointed Non-
Executive Chairman of the business.