10 years young for Hub

We recently reported our 10th year in business with our 10th year of consecutive growth. A decade is a big milestone for any business, especially when we can say we've grown every single year. Thanks to all our customers, new and old, for your custom since 2007.

Any big birthday brings with it a certain amount of nostalgia, as well as thoughts of the future, and what an interesting time this is for the future of our industry. It feels harder than ever to predict with accuracy what UK farming will look like 10 years from now, as Brexit will almost certainly change the nature of farm subsidies and stewardship scheme over the next few years. That will have an effect on agri-businesses, farms and estates of all sizes.

Periods of uncertainty should push businesses into asking the difficult questions. No business is immune

Embracing uncertainty isn't easy, but doing so helps a business to prepare for every eventuality. Brexit can be an opportunity that will force change for the good in all sorts of areas; reacting positively to that change could make the difference between success and failure for every business over the next decade.

Best wishes,